Assassin’s Creed: Origins – Gameplay trailer, my comments

The setting (0:42s)

When Bayek reaches Siwa it feels as if all previous games were thrown in a mixer and this is the result, initially it looks like Revelations, when the palms are visible it’s Black Flag, seconds later it’s Brotherhood and finally AC:1. I love this.

Senu (1:15s)

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of the controllable eagle. It works in a game like Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Watch Dogs 2 and Wildlands where it’s a robot but here I find it out of place. I do hope we will have the option to ignore Senu and make our way through tall grass to identify enemies.

AI (2:40s)

We don’t get to see much here but I hope AI has been improved and is no longer as dumb as it was in previous games. The one in the front keeps walking despite the noise emitted by the one at the back when killed. I hope he would have turned had the assassin not killed him with a throwing knife. Also it seems throwing knives now work like in AC:1 where you just throw instead of aiming as it was in Unity. I prefer this system, after all aiming will be needed when using the bow.

AI (3:14s)

Bayek knows that the Level 10 and 11 guards are “too dangerous”, I hope the game will not treat us like babies telling us all the time what guards are stronger than we are.

Damage (2:54s)

Can’t complain on this one, the “Hidden Blade damage” feature is very similar to what I wrote about in a piece a few months ago so I’m delighted it has been implemented, I’m curious to see how it will work exactly.

Collectibles (3:51s)

What do I see there? A chest! I know many hate them but I love them so I’m glad they are still there. Maybe they contain something useful this time.

Combat (4:18s)

As one who prefers stealth I will wait to judge the combat although it seems to be a little bit to clunky. By the way, anyone else speaks Italian here? It seems Medunamun or whoever the big thug is greets the assassin with a nice “Die, vaffanculo!” 🙂

Other considerations

The rest looks epic. A little bit concerned about mechanisms copied from other games though; the compass at the top, the slow motion when you fire the arrow and the triple arrow upgrade are all features already available in Horizon Zero Dawn so there’s very little to be excited about in respect to these features. I also find the gladiator arenas a little bit too “Far Cry” but maybe that’s just because I try to be loyal to the “work in the dark to serve in the light” tenet as much as I can.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins – Gameplay trailer, my comments

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